Club ’49’ Tote

Barry Rolfe will be retstarting the Club Tote from the beginning of May 2020. The cost will remain at £1 per entry per week. This is an important fund-raising activity for the club and, if we did not run it, the annual subscription would have to increase by over £20 per member. There are still numbers available so we therefore ask anyone who has not yet joined to pick your number and get in touch with Barry. As before, to reduce the administration, we ask that participants pay a minimum of 10 weeks in advance. The winner will be whoever has the number corresponding to the ‘bonus ball number’ in the Saturday National Lottery Draw. In the event that no member has the winning number (or they are in arrears with their payments) then the prize will be rolled on to the following week. The income from the Tote will be shared 50:50 between the winners and the club.

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